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You can get the latest source tarball for glunarclock here. Please see the Installing page for instructions on compiling and setting up glunarclock.

If you're running Debian GNU/Linux then you can just execute:

# apt-get install glunarclock

to install glunarclock from your local debian server. Available versions are shown here. Thanks go to Debian Developer Yoshito Komatsu for packaging glunarclock.

If you're running an rpm based GNU/Linux distribution like Red Hat or Fedora Linux, then you can try one of these excellent glunarclock rpms from Dag Wieers or the Fedora Linux Extras rpm which is also available for the x86_64 architecture.

Note that glunarclock 0.30.1 was a port to the GNOME 2.2 Desktop. If you're still running the GNOME 1.4 Desktop, e.g. in Red Hat 7.x or older, or Debian Woody, then please use the 0.24.x source, deb or rpm, which are archived here.

Please notify me of any problems with these packages at jbuhl at users dot sourceforge dot net